Barbados Guide Review: The Caboose Fish Stand, is more of a boat.

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Bars, Cafés & Dining

More of a Boat than a Stand

The Caboose is a fresh fish cutter stand and a fun hidden gem in Barbados. If you were to take a walk from Speightstown along the coast road towards the old abandoned Heywoods Village, you’d stumble across what looks like a landlocked weather worn, brightly painted, fishing boat located on a sand covered lot. Take a closer look and you see it’s a trendy hangout spot where locals and tourists alike can gather, have a fresh fish sandwich, Banks Beer or delight in their popular Rum Punch, and just shoot the breeze.

“Well, it seems logical, selling fish cutters from a fishing boat.”

Owner: Wayne Françoise

Like a Mini Vacation

Photo taken by Daniel Sobers

A Caboose is known as a kitchen on a ship’s deck. The Caboose is a kitchen made out of a fishing boat. When asked why a fishing boat? Owner and entrepreneur Wayne Françoise, says “Well, it seems logical, selling fish cutters from a fishing boat.” Who can argue with that logic? Furthermore, why argue about anything at all, when you’re relaxing on a wooden bench seated at a small round wooden table, sand at your feet, looking at the ocean? All your worries just melt away. The Caribbean soundtrack of reggae music and local tunes, keeps the vibes flowing. With tables nicely spaced out and situated about the sand lot, with visitors and locals mingling, chatting, and laughing, as a local you feel like you’re on a mini vacation.

Well Presented and Simple Selection

Photo taken by Daniel Sobers

Then of course there’s the simple menu of a traditional fish cutter, which is Maui-Maui (Dolphin/fish not mammal) or Marlin, lightly fried with Caboose’s special spices, a lettuce leaf and slice of tomato, neatly wrapped in their Caboose packaging. Condiments such as tomato, sauce and mayonnaise are also added, pepper sauce can be requested. Then there’s the “Fully Loaded” that comes with added egg and cheese, to really fill that hungry belly. If you would like a soft drink, Beer, or Rum Punch to go with your sandwich you can. Their signature Rum Punch is also available to take away.

Delicious Fresh Fish Sandwiches

Photo taken by Daniel Sobers

When biting into a Caboose Fish Sandwich, the softness of the white salt bread bun, lightly fried fresh fish with a hint of spice melts in your mouth. The crisp lettuce and juicy tomato merge with the added condiments making your mouth water, you can’t have just one. Price at $15 BBDs “Traditional” and $20 BBDs “Loaded” add a Beer for $4 BBDs and at under $25 BBDs you’re good for lunch. If you want to take your meal to go, you can, and then hit the deserted beach just down from Port St. Charles; to enjoy your sandwich there. So, next time you’re in Speightstown whether for a quick bite or a drink and a lime. Check out The Caboose, you won’t be sorry you did.

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