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Tailor your experience to suit whatever you desire. You can choose from Leisurely/stop & stare, adventurous or fitness-oriented.

Privately Guided Hike/Tour - Stop & stare
$100.00 BBD

The Travelers private hike/tour is a guided, down-to-earth experience, traversing the rugged terrain of the Scotland District here in St Andrew, Barbados. Usually, each adventure starts and finishes in the district of Chalky Mount, skillfully utilizing many of the trails in and around St Andrew to complete a circuit.

$50 USD + CC Fee

Private Cole Cave Tour
$300.00 BBD

A basic guided tour of one of Barbados's hidden gems (Coles Cave). This cave is located in St Thomas, close to the renowned Harrison's Cave, and is the perfect exploration experience. Adorned with stalactites, stalagmites and the clearest waters, this tour is a must-do here on the island.

$150 USD + CC Fee

Private Guided Hike /Tour
$360.00 BBD

Travellers are privately guided on a hike/tour throughout various trails of the rugged terrains in the Scotland District of Barbados, finished with locally crafted refreshments, usually grilled or roasted to perfection. The cost listed is per person and is subject to change should the request of those making bookings not be in keeping with our offered menu. 

$180 USD + CC Fee

Basic Camping & Hiking
$540.00 BBD

Basic Camping & Hiking

$270 USD + CC Fee

All Inclusive Tour - camping, hiking, refreshments and amenities
$770.00 BBD

An all-inclusive catered package of a light snack dinner (bbq or roast), a one-night camp (remotely), breakfast and a hike.

$385 USD + CC Fee




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Chalky Mount
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