About George Washington House

George Washington House in Barbados is a historic house where the future first U.S. President Goerge Washington stayed for two months in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House 1751.

He was 19 years old at the time and traveling with his half-brother, Lawrence Washington, who was suffering from tuberculosis. George Washington contracted small pox during his stay, and was nursed back to health at the house. Bush Hill House, where he lived in Barbados was apparently the only house in the country that George Washington ever visited outside of the continental United States.

Tunnels accessible only from George Washington House and Museum, were re-discovered purely by chance in June 2011. Originally constructed to provide drainage to the area (the first of its kind in Barbados) during the 1820’s.  This soon to be 200 years old system includes at least 9 tunnels in the Savannah area along with others. Oral history indicates that should the area have ever been invaded, they were ulatised as ‘escape routes’ for the Garrison troops,  as well as other clandestine purposes.


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