About iMart Pharmacy

iMart Pharmacy is reinventing pharmacy through a fresh approach to better health care by providing an accessible and personalised health care service whether in-store, via mobile or online. Our experienced pharmacists provide information on over the counter products, dispense prescriptions and provide face-to-face customer counselling with respect to adherence to drug therapies.

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WhatsApp: +1 246 826-1109
WhatsApp: +1 246 826-1153
WhatsApp: +1 246 826-1116
WhatsApp: +1 246 826-1140
Phone: +1 246 2713784
WhatsApp: +1 246 826-1160


#1 The Walk Welches
St. Thomas
#2 Sheraton Mall
Sargeants Village
Christ Church
#3 Lanterns Mall
Lanterns Mall
Christ Church
#4 One Haggatt Hall
Haggatt Hall
St. Michael
#5 Carlton Complex
Black Rock Main Rd
St. Michael
#6 Sunset Crest Service Station
Sunset Crest Service Station
St. James