Cobblers Cove Hotel

Road View

Coconut Bay Beachouse

Green Garden Silver Sands

Coconut Cottage

Worthing View Christ Church

Coconut Court Beach Hotel

Garrison Historic Area

Coconut Palm West

Hwy 1B

Colleton Great House

Hwy 1B

Collins Limited

Broad St

Colony Club Beach

Comfy Lodgings

46 Sargeants Park

Congor Bay Beach

Coral Mist Beach Hotel


Coral Sands Beach Resort

Coral Sands Beach Resort

Cornerstone Pizzeria

Ruby Complex

Cottage Bar & Grill

Orange Cottage

Cotton House 2

Enterprise Coast Road

Country View

Courtyard by Marriott

The Garrison Historic Area Hastings

Cove Bay

Cow Pen Bar

Small Town

Crab Hill Police Station


Craggy Nook Villas

The Garrison Historic Area

Crane Beach

Cumber's Tropical Apartments

2-3 Pegwell Gardens

Cuthbert Moore Primary School

St. Helens

Cutters of Barbados

Cutters Building

D'Onofrio's Trattoria

The Crane Resort

Dacosta Edwards Primary


Danièle Guesthouse Wondertout

Garden Rd Number 1


Highway 1

Darrel Cot

Valley View Retreat

Date Tree Hill Bar

Date Tree Hill

David's place

Lot 3, Durants

De Bath Bar

Rose Hill

De Clay Oven

Paynes Bay

De Club Bar, Benn Hill

Mile and A Quarter

De Garage Bar & Grille


Deacons Primary School

Bird's River Gap, Deacon's Road

Deborah Bay

Dee's Sports Bar & Grill

Crab Hill

Delon's Roti & Bar

Olive Drive Crane

Denise Variety

Hwy 1C


4 Church St Gardens Rd

DG Eats

Chalky Mount

DHL Express ServicePoint

Airport Commercial Centre Pilgrim Road

Dina's Bar

Hill Crest

Dis Ole House Kitchen & Garden

Long Bay

District 'A' Police Station

District 'B' Police Station

District 'C' Police Station

District 'D' Police Station

District 'E' Police Station

Sand St

Divi Southwinds Beach Resort

St. Lawrence Main Road

Dolphin Inn Guest House

#66 Dover Terrace

Dover Beach

Dover Beach Hotel

St. Lawrence

Dover Court Apartments

Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge

Sunset Crest


Highway 1

Driftwood Villa

Livingstone Avenue

Drill Hall Beach


Mount Hill Ellerton

Duchess Catering Inc

Mango Lane

Eagle Hall Pharmacy

Eagle Hall Post Office

Eagle Hall Primary School

Bridge Gap, Black Rock

East Point Apartment

Easy Reach - Barbados Beachfront Villa

Easy Reach, Hwy 1B

Eden Lodge Primary School

Eden Lodge

Eden on the Sea Barbados

Worthing Main Rd

El Retreat Guest House

2nd Ave Dover

Elbethel Pharmacy

2nd Ave

Elcourt Pharmacy

Maxwell Main Road

Elgar Pharmacy #2

Market Hill

Ellerton Primary School


Elliott Belgrave Primary School


Emerald Beach

Hwy 1B

Enterprise Beach

Enterprise Pharmacy

The Abbey Enterprise Main Road

Enterprise Villas

Enterprise Coast Rd

Escape At The Gap Hotel

Esquisite Delights

66 Bakers

Esso Gas Station

Evelyn's Apartment

Paradise Village St Lawrance Gap

Farm House Cafe

PEG Farm & Nature Reserve Easy Hall

FedEx World Service Center

FedEx World Service Center - Christ Church

Felimar DrugMart

Fitts Village

FelimarPlus Pharmacy


First And Last Bar

Carton Rd

First and Last End Bar